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Our Alliance
is the vehicle for bringing the Bonobo Sisterhood Principle into action.

The Bonobo Principle:
Nobody harms my sister.
Everybody is my sister.

"We can, should, must and will, defend one another." 
Author of The Bonobo Sisterhood

Bonobos, our closest evolutionary cousins, have eliminated male sexual coercion. If a female is aggressed upon, she lets out a special cry and all other females within earshot come immediately to her defense. Women and our allies CAN DO the same, acting on The Bonobo Principle.


The Bonobo Sisterhood Alliance (BSA) envisions a world without intimate partner violence, without gender violence, without the coercive threat of violence against women, where all humans are free to achieve their worth and benefit from a society of collective care.    

The Bonobo Sisterhood Alliance (BSA) is currently in thoughtful development, join our mailing list to keep up on all new updates and programs. As we grow, our website grows.

Want to know more about our principles and the Bonobos?

Diane's book gives deeper insight and is a great place to start diving in!

The Bonobo Sisterhood harnesses the power of the #METOO Movement into a road map for a new vision of equality among humans.


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